Property Management App & Dashboard

Who Benefits From Our Product?

Property Managers & Tenants

Property Managers wish to optimize existing spaces while providing the best customer service experience.

Tenants expect quick, efficient communication and service from apartment management to resolve issues.

FixThis creates a productive dialogue between tenants and property managers, which leads to rapid issue resolution.

How It Works

FixThis, a rental property management mobile App provides a solution offering the ability to share maintenance and other issues between tenants and property managers that will lead to rapid issue resolution and less misunderstanding.

FixThis is designed to support both tenants and property managers by enabling them to document and communicate repair issues, send automatic notifications, community and event announcements, and emergency information.

Effectively resolving the apartment issues is important to the tenant's long-term residency and maximizing property occupancy rates.


Users can take a picture of the issue and upload, which creates a visual record accessible to the property managers instantly


Property Managers can send notifications on rent reminders, community and event announcements, emergency information


Monitor (in real time) repair and maintenance responses through a user-friendly dashboard

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