Property Management App & Dashboard

Who Benefits From Our Product?

Local Governments & Residents

Governments want an efficient and organized platform that will allow them to manage data, relay information, and solve issues reported by residents in the community.

Residents expect prompt, clear communication and service from their local government.

Cityflag’s CRM dashboard provides a simple, comprehensive system that governments can use to manage information, communicate directly with residents, and address and fix issues.

How It Works

Our CRM (Citizen Relationship Management) dashboard is designed to provide the government with economic savings, greater efficiency in public management through the automation of processes, the elimination of paper and the IT integration of different public services.

Through our CRM, governments can open a new way of direct communication to citizens' mobile phones, encouraging access to information, transparency and accountability.

Time & Cost

Leverage Connectivity and digitization to save time and public money while solving pressing issues


Create a direct, digital and transparent conversation to better serve citizens; get key information in advance


Manage data easily in an organized and intuitive way to resolve reports, petitions and transparency requirements; measure objectively the satisfaction of your App users

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