Civic Engagement Innovation

Who Benefits From Our Product?

Local Governments & Residents

Citizens want to actively engage with their community and be knowledgeable about local events and city alerts.

Governments want to increase public satisfaction and provide services that help bring the community together.

Cityflag Connect provides an efficient, easy to use platform that will help engage citizens and help the government to learn more about its citizens and their needs.

How It Works

The Cityflag Connect App places emphasis on achieving a cycle of participation that in addition to providing a means of communication with the city government, it also has a fun and entertaining layer that builds community.

Citizens expect communications from and to authorities to be mobile, and real time. They want to be able to engage decision-makers, and learn about opportunities or improvements happening within cities.

The App also has an open API that facilitates integration with other platforms.


Check-in to a city sponsored cultural event or job fair

Push Notifications

Receive geofence notifications about city emergency announcements or events


Engage with your city government

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