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Who Benefits From Our Product?

Local Governments & Residents

Residents today expect more accessible and responsive services from the public sector. Governments can increase public satisfaction and reduce cost by delivering services based on the needs of the people they serve.

Just as leading companies place customer needs at the heart of their designs for digital interactions, governments also need to adopt a citizen-centric approach to designing their digital engagement.

Cityflag 311 allows citizens to easily report issues in their community and allows governments to effectively communicate with citizens and identify issues that need to solved.

How It Works

The Cityflag 311 App is a one-stop shop for all government information and non-emergency services, and it is designed by placing the citizen in the center of the user experience design, a smart people-centric approach.

Our Cityflag 311 mobile application helps citizens play a role in solving the problems they see in their own neighborhoods. It also allows city leaders detect patterns that might otherwise have escaped notice, saving time and money.

The App also has an open API that facilitates integration with other platforms.

Flag It

Flag a large and comprehensive list of issues


Monitor the progress of the city in real time and interact with other users

Build Leadership

Build support and make your voice heard

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