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Cityflag: Crowdsourcing City Improvement Needs

Cityflag: Crowdsourcing City Improvement Needs

Civic engagement can take many forms and Cityflag, a mobile phone app that allows citizens to highlight and track local issues, wants to make it just a download away.

What is Digital Citizenship?

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital civic engagement has garnered interest and advocacy due to the perceived potential to leading a new generation of digital citizens with renewed and fundamentally different approach to citizenship.

Got any infrastructure issues in your city?

What are some of the pressing issues in your city you would like to solve? Answer our questionare, help us find out out more about your needs, and join the launching team! Complete our quick survey here  

Cityflag: An app that makes city involvement cool

Last week Austin’s abc KVUE wrote a feature story about us, and it’s pretty awesome. “Fixing infrastructure isn’t a top priority for most millenials, but a new app is trying to change that dynamic”. Read the entire story here.

A new way to connect with the city

Our mission in cityflag is improve your experience to interact with your local government while earning rewards, strengthening communities and empowering local business. Find out more about us: