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About Civic Engagement Innovation

We blended human-centered design principles, data and creativity  to create an interactive public service experience. Our Cityflag 311 mobile application helps citizens play a role in solving the problems they see in their own neighborhoods. It also allows city leaders detect patterns that might otherwise have escaped notice, saving time and money.

Bringing citizens and government closer

At Cityflag we want to transform the way citizens and governments collaborate to improve cities and strengthen communities, contribute to social welfare, and build a more inclusive and transparent government.


  1. Flag it Snap a photo, select an issue from a list of 311 service request types, report it to your city.
  2. Monitor Monitor the progress the city is doing on your reports in real-time. Receive updates as it gets fixed!
  3. Get Rewards Engage with your city, get points, earn rewards, and reach new levels for participation within your city.
  4. Build Community Keep and eye on our Urban Feed! Vote up urgent issues, comment on flags by friends, share it all to Facebook and Twitter.


  • Felix W. Ortiz III Founder & CEO, Viridis Learning, Inc. As leading cities transform into smart cities, emerging civic and government technologies could dramatically change the way cities serve their populations, with Cityflag, local governments will further engage citizens.
  • Lloyd Doggett U.S. Representative (TX-35) Today, smart phones, social media and other innovations have changed how we communicate, Cityflag’s strong and multi-disciplinary team has shown a commitment to developing a 311 mobile application to potentially improve civic participation.
  • Dr. Andres Monroy Microsoft Research The mobile application developed by Cityflag has a strong focus on user experience and user engagement, thanks to the company’s multidisciplinary background.
  • Simon levy CEO, PROCDMX Cityflag understands the smart city vision and have developed a novel response that interprets data while building direct service capacities. They are an active voice within our smart cities ecosystem in Mexico City.
  • Lorenzo Gomez Geekdom In a technology-intensive future, cities should encourage companies that focus on solving urban challenges using leveraging technology, Cityflag is doing just that.
  • Jose De La Cruz Chief Innovation Officer for the City of San Antonio This project is a great example of how technology can be used to improve citizen engagement with government. We are excited to work with Cityflag to bring this forward to the residents of San Antonio.




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